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3/31/06 03:11 pm - fridays are the best when u arent grounded for the weekend

Weekend just around the corner...
Feeling happy to be with friends again after so long apart. Experiencing the lights and sounds of the city will never be the same. We know we will not feel equal between the four of us for a long time. Looking back on everything that has happened, its too much to throw away.

Good advice about anything:

...write down everything you think of. A pun, an expression, a feeling, a lyric, it will come in handy someday.
...tell those dear to you that you love them, everyday. You just never know when you might be saying for the last time.
...(trying not to be cliché)spend everyday like its your last.

Last night's bedtime thoughts:

Without passion, there can be no success.

Follow a dream even though everyone wants to see you fail.

hugs sent your way:D

3/30/06 07:41 pm - strange...

another day goes by and I still wonder what just happened. why did it seem so easy to say goodbye to a friend who you love so dearly, thank you for not taking the easy way out erin...

about a boy, about a song, about who i want to be...setting my priorities straight is getting harder everyday

Its strange where we can find a sign telling us that we share the same feelings with people all over the world, for example:

"It had really happened. She had been there. And with that knowledge she left behind the earthbound girl who had believed that she would always revolve around someone else. She was free."

And with reading that passage, I myself have learned to shed the skin of the child and become something so much more. Obsessing over a boy isnt in anymore and That made me realize it. Now, like the character in this novel, I am free.

Hug the person next to you before it's too late

heartsXX to you

3/30/06 05:19 pm - new here

Well you know I'm just entering this to say I'm here, I'm alive and ready to tell you my life in a few minutes....bye for now
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