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things are going well...

OK, I didn't say it last time I think, but that guy's name is Eric.
I can't stop thinking about him, as I said before, I want this to get serious.

I went out to diner with him last Saturday, it was great, although I was a little selfconsious about my braces, but he didn't make it worse. We then went to his friend's, Marty's house, where my friend Amélie joined a little later. We had so much fun, got a little drunk, which I shouldn't be proud of. Eric and I probably went a little further then I would have let happen if I was completly sober. But I wasn't embarrassed at all when I saw him again, I didn't feel uncomfortable, just happy to see him. That's how I knew there was really something between us.

I see him everyday at school and I wish I could just...

I'm going to see Pilate at the Canadian Tulip Festival tomorrow, it's going to be great if it doesn't rain. Marty's gonna be there, and Val, this random girl he's going to prom with.

PS: If you don't know the story behind the Canadian Tulip Festival, or the reason for it, look it up, it's such a beautiful story.

PPS: OK so braces aren't so bad, I know I'll be happy when I get them off in 2 years and have beautiful teeth.........ouais champoin! lmao valé!
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