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late update

I was just reading a post I made earlier about the Much Music VJ Search and I just thought I'd randomly summarize the finale, just to keep me busy.

The Final Four were Erik, Nikki, Sean and Tim(the wildcard). The outcome was determined totaly by the viewers, who voted online or by text message for their favorite VJ wannabe.

Of course, Erik was the first to leave with the least amount of votes. So, bye! The look on his face was so priceless.

Nikki then left, putting her in third place.

Of course Norm had to pimp his new site, which is pretty boring and I dont see the point for it. Then he sang the song he wrote bashing all the judges, but he changed it for TV, so now its sugar and spice.

OK, Sean and Tim are the final two, my heart is pounding so hard. Sean grabs onto Tim and addresses the studio audience: "Ladies, I would like to point out that I'm holding Tim and you aren't."

Right after that I decided that Sean was my new immaginary gay boyfriend.

Deanna opens the envoloppe: "And the new Much Music VJ is........TIM DEAGAN!"

...and confetti confetti!

Everyone misses Sean so much....PS: I voted for Sean...
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