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another happy day

Wow, Saturday was really amazing. It's too bad that Erin couldnt be there but we still had a good time.
Who knew twirling and getting dizzy compitions could be so entertaining? Things like that are always fun when your with good friends. I realized I barely had pictures of friends in my room so that got me feeling all creative. I cant begin to describe how relieved I feel now that I can see friends, do all kinds of special tricks. =D

On a lighter note:
Tim Deegan was the wildcard on The VJ Search--I voted for him!
But I'm going to be completly honest, I am voting for Sean. Its about time that people can be completly honest and open and OK with homosexuality. If you disagree than hurry up and jump into 2006.
Kardi and Robin were wrong before, Much Music IS ready for Sean...thats why I'm voting for him.

Oui, that was random
Oui, I believe he can win
Oui, I will watch even more because he's on
Non, I'll be upset if Erik wins
Oui, Frank was right, Erik is fake

Listen carefully
Watch carefully
Be media litterate

Good night and sweet dreams for sweet kids
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